Our Story

In 2013, our CEO, Ohad Samet, was harassed with calls from collectors for a forgotten balance on a credit card. After a number of unpleasant conversations and a stressful process, Ohad was determined to reimagine the debt collection process.

Dealing with too many phone calls, added interest fees, the aggressive voice on the other end of the phone, and most of all–the blatant lack of empathy for the consumer, was an experience Ohad felt no one should have to deal with.

From there, TrueAccord was born. With a goal of changing the way collections are handled and utilizing a digital-first approach to reach consumers, an innovative debt collection process is at the forefront of all we do. Since its inception, TrueAccord has helped hundreds of thousands of people resolve their debts through customized payment plans, great customer service, and an easy to use process.

“Excellent payment plan that fit my budget. Easy to set up and now I’m on the way to financial freedom.”

– Shez

“You made it exceptionally easy to pay past due payments. The platform is easy to use and the payments were reasonable. Thank you.”

– Wendy

“TrueAccord helped me get over my financial issues easily and pain-free. The low stress process really helped me get back on my feet.” 

– Louis